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Lets Start Out By Breathing!

Updated: May 24, 2021

I think you will enjoy this article by Terry Maluk. I have practiced this technique both with myself, family and clients. I hope you find this helpful. FLW


From Stressed to Calm with Terry Maluk _ © 2019

If you want to quickly feel calmer, uplifted, have a moment to collect your thoughts so you can be more fully present, try using heart breathing. This technique is an easy way to release stress and bring you back to your center. Below is a summary of the step-by-step instructions based on the description from the Heart Math Institute.

  • Let's breathe! Read through the instructions first so you know what you'll be doing, then get comfortable. If you like you can close your eyes while you breathe. When first learning this technique, put one or both hands over your heart to more easily bring your attention to that physical area. (Once you know how to do this, there is no need to move your hands to your heart, which makes it easier to do anywhere and anytime.)

  • Let your breathing be natural and just a little deeper than normal. Imagine you’re breathing directly into your heart center, and then exhaling from your heart center. This gets easier with practice.

  • Now begin to count as you inhale and exhale. Breathe into your heart center comfortably to a count of six. Then breathe out from your heart center to a count of six. Adjust your counting pace to match your unique breathing pattern.

  • Continue inhaling and exhaling to a count of six as you focus on your heart center.

  • After five to ten breaths, notice a sense of calm and peace settling in as your focus shifts to your heart.

  • When you’re ready, let your breathing return to normal. It’s as simple as that. I like to take at least five to ten breaths like this but spend as much time as you like practicing. You can use heart breathing anytime. It’s great first thing in the morning and again as you close your eyes to sleep at night. Try it when you get a stressful email or phone call, when you’re in traffic, before or during a meeting or a test, and anytime you just want to feel calm, centered, and relaxed. There are no negative side-effects, and you can practice heart breathing as often as you like. With increased awareness of the heart center, you will also find yourself feeling more open in that area and feeling more joy for life.

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