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Client Testimonials

"I enjoyed that this was an individualized program that was tailormade for me." 

Working with Fern has been both informative and enjoyable. She really cared about me and my goals. 

We discussed my lifestyle and the challenges of being a construction road warrior. I wanted to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I liked the openness and caring that Fern displayed and her non-judgmental communication. I really think that Fern can definitely help others create their individual goals and assist them in achieving these. I felt heard and cared for by Fern. I enjoyed that this was an individualized program that was tailormade for me. 

I was unsure and somewhat skeptical at the beginning but Fern’s caring manner and knowledge reduced my anxiety. As my program progressed, I knew that I had made the right decision to continue with the program.

Thank you, Fern, for showing and walking with me the path to my success.

- James C -

"I really appreciated how well she listened."

I came to Fern with a host of diagnoses including autonomic nervous system disorders, autoimmune disorders, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Although I continue to see western doctors, they haven't had much success in relieving my pain, so I wanted to explore other options. I had begun a diet and lifestyle change that had helped my symptoms but wanted to finetune the plan with Fern's help. Fern reviewed my symptoms and listened to what my specialists had told me. She told me her thoughts based on her years of experience as a nurse and from her knowledge of holistically healing. I really appreciated how well she listened.


Fern values the powerful mind/body connection and empowers you with healing tools instead of a negative impression like, "it's all in your head." Fern taught me techniques like meditation, visualization, aromatherapy, sleep hygiene, and diet change. She provided me printed materials to read and take home, sheets to plot out my individualized goals, and gave additional resources like websites and book recommendations on herbs and supplements. Fern has helped me conquer a lot of my pain by keeping me on track and reminding me to stay on my program. Oftentimes I am so stressed and tired, Fern would offer me counsel during our sessions. She is supremely skilled at soothing anxiety and clearing away some of the accumulated "junk" of life to find what I most needed to focus on that week for symptom management and healing.


I loved my sessions with Fern because she would listen and work with me instead of giving me a cookie-cutter plan. She designed her recommendations based upon goals we set together, and after hearing what I had already tried. Fern is a caring, intelligent, and wise health coach. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to explore a more holistic approach to healing. You'll eagerly jump out of bed the morning of your session with Fern --very different than the dread of a doctor's appointment most of us feel! 

- Rebecca Fost -

"I worked with Fern and she helped me understand my medical information in an easy uncomplicated way."


She helped me discover what was causing me to not lose the weight I wanted to by discussing what I was eating and how it might be affecting me. I felt heard and understood and cared for. Since working with Fern I was able to lose weight and feel more in control of my health and my choices. I was also able to understand my medical issues in a more meaningful way.

- Wanda  D. -

03-11 Whole Health and You- Fern Wargotz
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“The greatest wealth is health.” -Virgil

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