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Fern L. Wargotz, BSN, RN, HNB-BC, WHE

 Having been a nurse since 1978, my experiences have been very diverse in the medical community. I retired from a corporate position and decided to pursue more aspects of holisticistic nursing. My crowning achievement was to have both my certification in Holistic Nursing and certification as a Whole Health Educator*. This all came to fruition in 2019.  Since 2000, my mission has been to help and empower my clients to overcome their most challenging obstacles, and to start living happier and healthier lifestyles.

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My extensive experience means that I'm fully equipped to guide, co-create, support and assist you in building the life you clearly deserve. As a certified Whole Health Educator ( tm)*, Patient Health Advocate, Whole Health Coach (tm)* and a Board Certified Holistic Nurse, I aim to co-create with you a  balanced that prioritizes your wellbeing and celebrates all aspects of your true self. It’s time to start nurturing your body and soul again—and to embrace your health!

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“The greatest wealth is health.” -Virgil